Caryn S., San Antonio, Texas 05/07/2011 "Arrive On Time Delivery has been servicing our infusion therapy and hospice patients for so long. We truly feel like they are an extension of our company."


Carlos A., Dallas, Texas 09/22/2011 "This company is Johnny on the spot, especially in the hospital industry where things need to be done yesterday. Drivers are clean cut and professional. This is the type of delivery company you want representing your company."

Anelle S., Plano, Texas 11/15/2012 "Been doing business with Arrive On Time Delivery for 9 years and they keep getting better every year!"
Natalie N., Salt lake City,Utah 11/02/2012 "The driver's are extremely professional and they always deliver our pharmaceuticals on time."
Frank J., Tampa, Florida 9/05/2012 "We trust our time sensitive critical medications with Arrive On Time Delivery 365 days out of the year and they have never let us down."
John K., Phoenix, Arizona 10/09/2012 "We know that our long term care facilities and hospice patients are in good hands with Arrive On Time Delivery."

Larry H., Houston, Texas 02/19/2012 "Before Arrive On Time Delivery, my deliveries and logistics were a mess. Not to mention I was overspending more than I should have on my delivery cost. Arrive On Time Delivery literally helped turn my business around and saved me money as well." 

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